WIll You Help Repeal Dietetics Nutrition Licensing Law?

posted Oct 7, 2013, 3:25 PM by Judy Stone   [ updated Oct 7, 2013, 3:29 PM ]

If the dietetic/nutrition licensing law were to go into effect tomorrow what would you lose? How would you be affected? Would it shut down your business and cost you your livelihood? Would you no longer be able to see the practitioner(s) you choose? Would it change current or future career plans? 

One thing we know for sure, in addition to all of the above, nutrition care in Michigan would be limited to the philosophies and practices promoted by a single, private association. This organization promotes advice that may be very different from what you believe and what you know (and science knows) to be true. For example, the concept and practice of individual biochemical uniqueness is not one dietetics program teach. Nor does the standard curriculum have significant content on use of herbs and dietary supplements. Coca Cola is an approved source of continuing education credits for RDs. Hersey's paid dietitians to present its products at house parties. We have nothing against RDs; we object only to the idea of dietetics leadership forcing everyone to submit to their single philosophy of what good nutrition and good nutrition training should be. Too much has changed in nutrition in the last 30 years to allow only one private association to dictate an entire profession. 

What would it mean if only RDs could be licensed in MI? Even if you were philosophically aligned with dietetics, did you know that MI only has 27.5 RDs per 100,000 population?

Right now bills are in both the House (HB 4688) and Senate Regulatory Reform Committees (SB 579). We need your support to get these bills through committee and then passed by both the House and the Senate. That won't happen without you.

Three Important Actions to take:

1. Send emails to all members of the House and Senate Regulatory Reform Committees asking for their support of HB 4688 (House members)  or SB 759 (Senate members) 

2. Let your state  Representative and Senator know this bill is in their Regulatory Reform Committee and alert him/her to this issues. Ask for their "yes" vote on HB 4688 (for Representative)  or SB 579 (for Senator) to Repeal the Dietetics Nutrition Licensing law and explain why this repeal matters to you. A personalized letter is always most effective even if you borrow from our Talking Points (see link to left)

3. Contribute to financially to this effort if having your business protected is valuable to you, or you care about keeping the right to see the provider of your choice. Click the Donate button to the left. Having effective lobbyists costs money--please help share the cost of that in whatever amount you can.