House Passes Repeal!!

posted Nov 14, 2013, 1:27 PM by Judy Stone

We are very pleased to let you know that yesterday afternoon (11/13)  the MI House voted to pass the Repeal of the Dietetics & Nutrition Licensure law by 71-39, a 2/3 majority!  All Republicans, and approximately 1/3 of Democrats (29%) supported HB 4688.   Please take a moment and send a thank you to Representative Ed McBroom who sponsored this bill and worked above and beyond to understand the issues, speak to his colleagues about the issues, and bring all parties to the table. Also Representative Jeff Irwin worked hard to encourage his Democratic colleagues to understand the issues and support the repeal, and deserves a thank you as well.

Representative McBroom hosted 4 meetings with representatives of the MI Dietetic Association, MI Nutrition Association, and the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists in October and November to try to find a compromise bill as an alternative to repeal. However the dietitians maintained that their training and credential are superior to any other and we were unable to find a compromise that recognized other credentials and protected jobs. 

MI needs many more nutrition care providers with a variety of backgrounds. During the House committee hearing legislators learned that there are many excellent training opportunities and credentials outside of the dietetics model and RD credential. These other nutrition providers deserve the right to practice, and the consumer deserves the right to choose a practitioner that matches their needs. For these reasons, the Regulatory Reform Committee and then the full House voted in favor of repeal.

We will continue to advocate for the Senate bill for repeal, SB 579 (identical to HB 4688). We do not believe a compromise regulation that serves Michiganders can be reached with the existing law in place. 

The MI Legislature will take a two week break returning at the beginning of December. We know December is a busy month for all but please allow some time to contact your Senators in response to our action alerts.  We hope that the Senate completes the process in 2013, but there is a good possibility it could run into early 2014.  We will keep you updated regarding dates of hearings, voting, etc.

Every phone call, email, letter, or visit to your legislators makes a HUGE difference.  We had dietitians, nutritionists, pharmacists, nurses, researchers, doctors (MD, DO, DDS, ND), health coaches, the business community, and consumers/clients reaching out to communicate with legislators.  THEY HEARD YOU!  THANK YOU.