For Professionals

Public Act 333 of 2006 was officially recognized by the Secretary of State's office on August 15, 2006. This amends the Public Health Code to provide for the licensure of dietitians and nutritionists.   

The law goes beyond title protection for dieticians and nutritionists by prohibiting any health professional from incorporating nutrition and dietetics unless it is already within their stated scope of practice.

Although the bill was set to take effect on July 1, 2007, the Michigan Board of Dietetics and Nutrition finished promulgating rules for licensure in November  2010. The rules must go through several administrative steps then come before a public hearing, the date for which, has not been set. 

MNA has created a Step-by-Step Guide to help you understand how the proposed rules may affect you as a practitioner.  Taking the survey will also help us to better understand how this law will impact various health care professionals, which will help our efforts. We encourage you to Use the Guide - your responses will be kept confidential if indicated as such.

The MNA has also prepared a series of Impact Statements to assist nutrition professionals in determining how the proposed rules may affect their ability to incorporate nutrition into their practice.  The impact statements are working documents designed to help the public, professionals, and legislators better understand how the law will affect the practice of nutrition in the State of Michigan.

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