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Second blog post - 17th April 2016

This is my second blog post - the first one was on February 28th. Little did I know when I wrote that first blog post that I actually had a book that was about to sell extremely well on iBooks, on Sunday February 28th The House on Mars sold 10 copies, on Monday 29th it sold 12 copies and on March 1st it sold 15 copies. Perhaps this is not a lot to many authors but for me it has been great to see that after my sales had really slowed down on Amazon. Later in March I received an email at home from Mark Coker, the CEO of Smashwords saying that a European movie scouting company was inquiring about my book. I asked Mark if Smashwords could act as my agent and he sent copies to the European company. A couple of weeks later a company from the east coast of the United States contacted me direct inquiring about The House on Mars and Mark sent them copies of the book. Here is the short summary for The House on Mars together with links to the books Smashwords page and its iBooks page:

Humanity has been gone for 10,000 years. Although humans are extinct, the solar system is not empty. A man wakes up in a house. He has no memory, he does not know his name, he does not even know how old he is and he is at the mercy of a self-aware computer called Drone that has been building roads on Mars for 10,000 years. A subroutine has activated and Drone must return the man to earth.

A longer description is available on the Smashwords page:



Check your favorite ebook retailer and see if the book is on there. You can download it as a kindle book direct from the book's Smashwords page.


Had I not decided to publish on Smashwords none of this would have happened. I published my first book on Smashwords on January 31st. It is called Your Mission is to Go Back in Time and Kill Saint Paul on Malta and is about a Muslim time traveler who goes back in time with the intention of wiping Christianity. he is successful in that but when he returns to his own time Islam is gone too and Dubai is the second biggest spaceport in a Roman Empire that never fell. He only has a short time to go back and put the damage right but in this new world he is the head of Dubai Spaceport, his office is at the top of a building 7,200 feet high and he has a house with 130 roomS on the ocean. If he changes things back then he goes back to a one room apartment and a bad life. This book is free on Smashwords and many other ebook retailers. Check it out at Smashwords here:


The great thing about Smashwords is that I can offer some of my books for free. Check out my Smashwords page for the free books. If Smashwords distributes to your favorite ebook retailer then they are free there too. here is a list of the free ones:

England is the Property of New Delhi

Your Mission is to Go Back in Time and Kill Saint Paul on Malta

An Artist in This Life

Lisa Molin Assassin - A Quiet Kill in Interlaken

Assassination in Washington D.C.


I am still in the process of setting up Wordpress. I will be working on that soon. I now have two manuals which will help me learn how to navigate around the system.

I now have 25 books published on Smashwords. On 28th February I had 7 books on Smashwords with "A Dangerous Scotsman in Afghanistan" published earlier that day.

I published a book earlier today called "Scottish Island Festival – an Erotic Story for American Women" and that sold the first copy within 3 hours of being published. I have had that happen before once before with another book called "The Beach at the End of Time" (which is also now on Smashwords). Here is the link to the book's Smashwords page and the story summary:


There’s an island off the west coast of Scotland. The island is just to the north of the Shiant Islands and it’s a very private island with a favorable climate warmed by the Gulf Stream. That island used to have a matriarchal society on it and they used to hold fertility rites there every year at the dawn of time. Now a rich woman owns that island and those fertility rites have been revived. Women come from all over the world to the new fertility rites but one thing is a given; the men come only from the Scottish Highlands and most of them are descended from Vikings. They are all tall, dark, handsome men and they are excellent and attentive lovers.


There are two stories in this book, the main story and another one called Viking Days. Please check it out if you enjoy books about erotic romance. The book should be available soon on iBooks, Barnes and Noble and Kobo and other ebook services that Smashwords distributes to. If the book sells well I will put similar ones out and that is the case with all my books. If a book sells well I will look at making it into a series. I respond to reader feedback and feel free to send me an email. I have put an email address in my books.

Well I will finish this blog post now. To date I have made 25 books covers and created 25 Smashwords upload files. That has been quite a lot of work and I have really enjoyed doing it as I have seen the benefits almost immediately from all the work. I always get a buzz from book sales and I also get a big buzz from writing books, I find it very relaxing to write. A lot of my writing at the moment goes on at work during lunchtime surrounded by people and noise while I write but I am able to just block it out and get on with it.

I hope you all have a great week. Speak to you next time and thanks to Vonda Norwood for your kind comments about my first blog post - I couldn't find a way to reply to you as I just don't know my way around Wordpress yet.

First blog post  28th February 2016

This is my first blog post on my new site at Word Press. I have just opened a Smashwords account and I have begun loading my books onto it. Currently I have loaded 6 of my books and I am aiming to load them on at a rate of around 4 books every weekend. My books are mostly novellas. I have a 300,000 word novel called "The Banker With a Face Full of Evil" that has sold well, I will be putting this on Smashwords soon. I will also be taking advantage of the opportunity to make some of my books free as I am a great believer in the fact that you should be able to read something for free by a new author you come across. The slogan try before you buy comes to mind although that really sounds like a cliche. My Smashwords account is as follows:


If you go there you can see my Smashwords interview which will tell you more about me and also check out the books I have loaded up there already, one of which is free.

Today I am planning to load at least two books. I prepared the cover files last night and also the templates for loading into Smashwords. Once you have a template set up this is actually quite easy to do and I have to say that Smashwords really makes it easy to get your books on there once you have created your template.

The books I have ready to load today are as follows:

An Artist in This Life (FREE BOOK)

A Dangerous Scotsman in Afghanistan

Here is the story summary for A Dangerous Scotsman in Afghanistan:

Robert Berenson is a Canadian with the NATO mission in Afghanistan. Berenson is a psycho and a bully and so far he’s gotten away with it. Waiting for Berenson just over the next hill is a man called Duncan McNeill. McNeill is dressed like an Afghan, blends in very easily and speaks Dari, Pashtu and the two Turkic languages that are used in Afghanistan, Uzbek and Turkmen.

Berenson is highly trained and normally he would be able to take care of a man like Duncan McNeill very easily but there’s something Berenson could never anticipate - Duncan McNeill knows magic. Also waiting with Duncan McNeill is something that looks like a woman but is actually a magic spell and she is extremely dangerous.


I will be loading these two books later today. They should be live on the Smashwords site within 24 hours and be loaded up to the affiliates like Apple ibooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Oyster, Overdrive, Baker & Taylor's Blio, Aldiko, Flipkart in India and other platforms within a week.

Well that is the end of my first blog post. Please check out my books and download the free ones to try out my writing and see if you like it.