Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Walking the Walk? The Effect of Pledging to Vote on Youth Turnout. 2018. PLoS ONE 13(5): e0197066. (with Brian Schaffner and Alicia Prevost)

How Responsive are Political Elites? A Meta-Analysis of Experiments on Public Officials. 2017. Journal of Experimental Political Science 4(3): 241-254.

How Gender Conditions the way Citizens Evaluate and Engage with their Representatives. 2018. Political Research Quarterly 71(1): 46-58. (with Brian Schaffner)

Rethinking Representation from a Communal Perspective. 2017. Political Behavior 40(2): 301-320. (with Kaylee Johnson and Brian Schaffner)

Science Use in Regulatory Impact Analysis: The Effect of Political Attention and Controversy. 2016. Review of Policy Research 33(3): 251-269. (with Bruce Desmarais and John Hird)

Under Review

"Public Comments' Influence on Science Use in U.S. Rulemaking: The Case of EPA's National Emission Standards." (with Bruce Desmarais and John Hird). Revise and Resubmit.

"Family Ties? The Impact of Fathering Daughters on Congressional Behavior." (with Jill Greenlee, Tatishe Nteta, Jesse Rhodes, Elizabeth Sharrow. Under Review

Working Papers 

"Sharing Constituencies: Polarization and Representation in the Extended Party Network"

"He Said, She Said: The Gender Double Bind in Legislator-Constituent Communication” 

"Improving Measures of Responsiveness for Elite Audit Experiments"