Updates included on 20 and 24 March 2013

Exhibitors are not being charged an entry fee.

Entry to the Domain by the Public will be by Donation

More emphasis on the recognition of the people involved in the Big Dig.

We have a new entry form which we will print out and distribute by hand or mail.

Parade assembles at Sellars Land, Alamar Crescent at 9am for a 9.30 start time, arriving at the Domain at 10.30

Bookings are not being done by direct contact with:
        Roy Vaughan     09 4315828    royvaughan@orcon.net.nz

The Mangawhai Historical Society
in association with
Norwood Farm Machinery Centre, Whangarei   
present the inaugural

Vintage, Modern & Fun Tractor Cavalcade & Exhibition
Sunday, 14 April 2013

This inaugural event is focussing on tractors, ancient and modern, massive and diminutive, for a cavalcade through Mangawhai, and exhibition and judging of these and other tractors at the Mangawhai Domain. There will also be exhibition of stationary engines, stalls  displaying mostly rural products and services, food & drinks, and entertainment for the whole family. We are also likely to have ride-on mower exhibition and races.

There is to be recognition of work of the participants in "The Big Dig" - an iconic event in the history of Mangawhai.

Set-up will be on the Saturday

Sunday activity will commence with the cavalcade of tractors from the Sellars Reserve  at 0900 proceeding to commence arriving at the Domain at approximately 1030. Here they will be parked for inspection by the public along with other tractors, followed by a parade around the Domain and judging by a panel of expert judges generally according to standard vehicular vintage grading.
There will be great prizes in all categories


This website currently provides:

The event will open to the public at 10.30 am but if you wish to watch the Tractor Cavalcade  as they proceed to the Domain then you can do so anywhere along the route from 9:30am onwards.

Gate Fee For Spectators
By donation as contribution to Museum

This event is 
recognition of "The Big Dig". 
a fund raiser for the new Mangawhai Museum,
 a tribute to the machines that have made New Zealand a vital agricultural nation, and

Our stunning new museum with its' distinctive stingray-inspired roof

For more information contact Roy Vaughan as above.