Technical Index - 2003 . . .

Compiled by Patrick Mullen, 2003

This is an Index to various technical articles, tips, suggestions and service sheets published in the MG Triple-M YEARBOOKS and INFOLETTERS between the late 1960s and 2003. A few items indexed are not 100% technical but I think they are of use to those of us trying to restore our MMM cars; anyway they’re all interesting. (Note that the Yearbooks from 1973 on are extremely well produced and that all Yearbooks have loads of interesting nontechnical articles in addition to the technical ones indexed here.)  To date this Index covers Infoletters 1-13, some of 19-28, 31-41, 49, some of 103-139, and all Yearbooks from the first in 1970 to 2002. I am working on extending this to ALL Infoletters.

Many of the articles were written by experienced MMM gurus, others by enthusiastic amateurs willing to stick their necks out with original ideas and suggestions that have worked for them. The index is divided alphabetically into sections, e.g. BRAKES; within each section the list is approx. in sequence of ‘first published’ date. No article is listed more than once, even if it could be construed as belonging to more than one section, e.g. ’Water side plates and Block’ is under COOLING although it could logically be under BLOCK, C’SHAFT etc.  There are also “MISCELLANEOUS” sections at the end.

Each article has a *, ** or ***, indicating roughly the size of the article; this is not intended to be a judgment on the importance or accuracy of the article. I originally compiled the index in order to be able to pinpoint technical information while restoring my NB. As it forced me to study the MMM Yearbooks and Infoletters, I have also found the work to be an invaluable learning tool. My thanks to all the authors who have so contributed to my education and to Colin Guernsey, Terry Sanders and Peter Welch who lent me Yearbooks and Infoletters.

This index is on-line on the North American Triple-M Register website at (webmaster is Lew Palmer who puts the latest edition on line as soon after I email it to him as is practicable); you can print it in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3 or above - obtainable free of charge from Adobe’s website at

To open the Technical Index to Triple-M Yearbooks and Infoletters PDF file click on the attached file.

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