Fingerprints . . .

Midget, Magna, and Magnette... Three little words that describe MG in it’s most exciting and formative years, from the 1928 London Motor show which saw the launch of the first M type Midget, to 1936 when the last overhead cam car came out of the Works. These were the Cecil Kimber years... golden years for automobilia and MG in particular. Kimber was in his prime, an innovative, a feisty task master, and a dogged and enthusiastic proponent of automobile excellence through competition. It is said that the early Midget and it’s following brethren would scarcely have made quite such an impact without the tremendous boost furnished by MG’s racing and record breaking achievements.

Early successes in the Brooklands 12/12 races propelled MG into the forefront of light car racing in the 30’s.... the men, women, and cars were legendary and the accomplishments were legion. Through the 30’s MG won more motoring competitions of all sorts than any other marque!

Of the 11,500+ MMM cars produced between 1928 and 1936 there is one common thread: the strong, small displacement, single OHC engines that were the heart of these four cylinder Midgets and six cylinder Magnas and Magnettes. They are marked by a unique vertical dynamo/bevel gear cam-drive train and range from 746cc to 1271cc.

Today more than 3000 of these historic MGs are in the hands of enthusiastic MMM Register members worldwide, and as it is the mission of the Register to preserve and foster the use and enjoyment of these historic prewar MGs, the North American MMM Register welcomes you  to come see, up close and personal, the only MGs that bear Cecil Kimber’s finger prints!

2012 MMM Register Gathering
GOF Central
St Charles, Illinois
July 24 to 27
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Plus, don't miss the famous
Bibulous Gilmauphry
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 "The Office"
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