Fiber Resources

Our experience and interest in weaving goes back centuries to the days of supplying protection and warmth against the elements.  It has progressed in the hands of outstanding weavers to a high degree of skill and beauty. The possibilities are limited only by the size of one's loom and the originality and skill of the weaver. To that end, we are providing a list of resources that may be helpful to you as you develop your skills.  If you have a resource to share, we would be happy to include it on our list. Please email with your information.

Loom and Loom Accessory Sources:

·         SchadtSpindle Company

·         AshfordWheels & Looms

·         MirrexTapestry & Bead Looms 

·         LeclercLooms



Yarn Sources:

·         WEBS

·         The Woolery 

·         Yarnworker 

·         Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center 



Online Tutorials:

·         WeavingTechniques - The Weaving Loom 

·         BeginnersGuide to Weaving - The Weaving Loom 

·         Ashford Wheels and Looms Weaving Tutorials 

·         WeavingCalculator - Weavolution 


Classes and Workshops:

·         New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum - .  Felting, spinning, weaving workshops.

·         Cruces Creatives -   Scheduled Fiber Arts Fridays, as well as weaving classes on floor, table and frame looms. Free weaving instruction available to members.



Guild Member Library:

·         Contact to access. List of available books.


Recommended Reference Books:

·         "Learning to Weave" - Deborah Chandler

·         "Tapestry Weaving - A Comprehensive Guild" - Nancy Harvey

·         "The Weaver's Companion" -  Madelin van der Hoogt

·         "Weaving on a little loom"  - Fiona Daly

·         "Tapestry Weaving" - Kirsten Glasbrook



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Jun 29, 2019, 5:09 PM