Nancy C Anderson

Nancy C. Anderson learned to weave when she was in high school during a summer Art Camp at Kansas University. Over the years she has learned and enjoyed many weaving techniques. She and her loom-maker husband, Fred, moved to Las Cruces in 2007 and since then she has focused mainly on Continuous-Strand Weaving and has taught this weaving method to over 120 students. Nancy demonstrates and sells her weavings at the L.C. Downtown Farmers & Crafts Market most Saturdays. “It’s a joy to teach something that’s so rewarding and confidence-building for my students, and the lovely shawls they’ve produced are amazing.”

Nancy, who very seldom tolerates idle hands, concentrates mostly on colors and textures of yarn and often works intuitively on the pattern as it develops instead of carefully planning. As people touch her work at the Farmers Market you can often hear her referring to this as “the weavers handshake.”

Nancy learned her present style of weaving at a workshop taught by an expert in this style of weaving who lives in Colombia, Missouri. Following her lead, Nancy has taught classes in many area cities from Albuquerque to Ruidoso to El Paso as well as Las Cruces. Aside from the L.C. Downtown Farmers & Crafts Market, you can presently see an example of her work in the lobby of the Las Cruces City Hall.


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