Linda Giesen

Linda lives and weaves in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Living in New Mexico, she is inspired by the rich southwest culture, history, and weaving tradition.  She is particularly drawn to tapestry weaving.  “I love weaving tapestries for so many reasons: the feel of the soft wool yarn in my fingers; the meditative quality of moving the weft back and forth through the warp; and the opportunity to express my imagination and creativity through my tapestries.  The process of weaving demands I slow down, pay attention and become still.” 

Linda’s designs are abstract in nature with vibrant colors often subtly blended together.  Each of her weaving's is a journey through color, form, and structure.  “I love designing tapestries as much as weaving them.  I think about a piece for a long time before I finally capture it in a weaving.  Between the initial idea and the final design is a long period of reflection.  This helps me fully explore the idea and push it to its limit. This process can be thrilling as well as excruciating.” 

Linda weaves predominantly with hand-dyed wool.  She is studio-taught, learning from a number of New Mexico’s master weavers.   She is a founding member of a fine arts gallery in Magdalena and a member of a number of arts organizations throughout New Mexico.  Her work has been displayed in galleries and shows around New Mexico.