Jenny Galos

Jenny is a native Las Crucen who recently returned home after living in the Pacific Northwest for many years.  She has been involved in creative expression since a young age and has worked in many different media.  As a young woman here in the Mesilla Valley, she was an eager participant in the local arts community and the early years of the Renaissance Faire.  Jenny developed a passion for textiles and fiber media early on, and had the great good fortune to be mentored in a weaving apprenticeship with Blue Ram Weavers.  That experience further advanced her skills and cemented her love of fiber arts.

Jenny's current work is coiled basketry using a variety of fibers, often wool over jute.  Her designs are inspired by forms in nature, including the abundant flora, waterways and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, as well as the hauntingly beautiful and dramatic landscapes, sunsets and thunderstorms of the Southwest.  The rich creative traditions of native peoples throughout the world, especially Southwestern Tribal baskets, rugs and pottery, provide both inspiration and aspiration for Jenny.  Additional influences come from an appreciation for the work of fellow artists, both historic and contemporary, especially other fiber arts and pottery.  Jenny is self-taught in coiling and enjoys creating something substantial from 'balls of string'.  Frequently, she begins with only an eye for color and a loose idea of shape and size, and then allows the piece to form itself organically.  She says, "Each basket has a spirit and life of its own, born of the Ancient Ones whose presence permeates our beautiful state and culture.  I do this work because I love the connection with the ancient spirits inherent in the process.  I love the flow and growth in the physical act of creation, the sensations of working the fibers in my hands, and the satisfaction of completing the finished piece.  I learn something new with every piece I create.  I am always amazed at the possibilities for design and expression in this seemingly simple technique."

Jenny is very pleased to share the tradition of coiled basketry, one of the oldest and most widespread methods in the world, through this exhibit as New Mexico celebrates the Centennial of statehood.  She looks forward to continuing to share her work as she returns to the local arts and crafts community and is able to devote more time to bringing her passion to life.