Jan Harrison

Jan has worked with fiber of various sorts for almost 50 years.  She started out as a knitter and moved on to weaving.  She weaves both on a floor loom and makes baskets.

“Working with yarn is so satisfying. Choosing colors….finding textures…..fashioning a design…seeing it emerge on the loom, that is exciting. ”

Jan’s style has evolved from early rugs to wall hangings.  Tapestry is now her favorite style.     “ Working on a loom is frustrating in that it is so linear, so horizontal.  The weft goes back and forth in a straight line.  With tapestry techniques you can weave curves, circles and angles.  I really like using amorphous forms in a  design.”

Basket weaving frees you from the structure  imposed with a loom.  The materials aren’t as flexible but the same tapestry techniques apply here as well.   The same low intensity colors are used in both.   Soft colors and heavy texture are found in many of Jan’s pieces.


541-9284                       jancharrison@q.com