The Mesilla Valley Weavers Guild is committed to shared, collaborative, and inclusive leadership and programming for the benefit of its members and the community.

The Leadership Team of the Mesilla Valley Weavers Guild is made up of persons elected to oversee each of the following areas of responsibility: Moderator, Secretary, Treasurer/Membership, Programs, and Newsletter/Communications – as detailed in the Guild's bylaws. The Leadership Team carries out the business of the Guild within the limits of the By-laws and policies. They are elected annually.

Our 2020-2021 elected officers are:

Moderator – Marlene Atwood
Secretary – Janice Walser
Treasurer/Membership – Doreen Gaylord
Programs – LuAnn Kilday
Newsletter/Communications – Lin Bentley Keeling

Committees of the Guild Include:

Website – Jan Severson
Guild Historian – Marlene Atwood
Education/Workshops – As appointed
Exhibits – As appointed
Other Committees – As needed

The Leadership Team meets three times a year: August, January and May. Questions for any of these individuals can be directed to our Guild's email address at -

Guild Members can reach any officer directly by using the Guild's membership list.