Upcoming Exhibits

Project Blue and Local Color

NM Farm and Ranch Heritage 

December 13, 2019 thru April 5, 2020

The guild show “LOCAL COLOR: Landscape and Architecture” at the Farm and Ranch Museum opens December 13, 2019. This exhibit will consist of any fiber work inspired by our landscapes and architecture in the Mesilla Valley.  "Project Blue" is a joint collaboration among area weavers and other textile artists and the piece will be on exhibit at the show.

John Garrett, Lynn Breckenridge and Linda Giesen make up the organizing and liaison committee. 

The opening will be held Saturday December 14th at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.

Submission information:

The entry fee is $10 for up to 3 pieces.  The deadline for entry is September 6, 2019. The entry form is available for download from this website page or contact Lynn Breckenridge, lrbrecke@yahoo.com for an entry form.


Pieces will be turned in at the September 17, 2019 guild meeting or make arrangements for delivery with John Garrett, jgarrett@swcp.com, or Lynn Breckenridge, lrbrecke@yahoo.com. There will be a photography session to photograph all pieces after the September 17, 2019 date. The staff of the museum will then jury the entries.


Mesilla Valley Weavers Exhibit Entry Form“LOCAL COLOR: LANDSCAPE AND ARCHITECTURE”

Mesilla Valley Weavers Exhibit Entry Form“BLUE” COMMUNITY PROJECT


1. The date established for submission of artwork (photographs, photocopies) to
be juried for the exhibit IS FINAL. Late entries will not be accepted unless
serious extenuating circumstances exist, or an extension is agreed upon by both
the artist(s} and Museum Staff.

2. Images of submissions must be of work that is completed or nearly complete.
If the artwork that arrives on-site differs too much from the submission image, the
Museum reserves the right to exclude the work from the exhibit.

3.- EVERY PIECE OF ARTWORK IS JURIED by members of the Museum Staff
and their decisions are final. Every item will be evaluated for connectedness to
the Museum's mission, quality, style, appropriateness for intergenerational public
audiences, and size (there may not be enough space to hang or place a
particular piece of artwork).

4. A final artwork list will be required approximately 7 weeks before the show

opens. This list must include:

    a. The title of each piece of artwork

    b. The framed dimensions of each piece of artwork

    c. The price or the insurance value of each piece of artwork

5. There is a $20.00 fee, per box, for artwork that is shipped to the Museum for
exhibition. The $20.00 fee will cover both the unpacking and repacking of all
artwork included in a box. All packing material will be saved and reused by the
Museum to repack the artwork after the exhibit closes. The artist is responsible
for providing return shipping labels and all shipping costs.

6. All artwork must be framed and ready to hang when it arrives at the Museum.
If Museum staff is unable to securely fasten artwork to the wall, the artist will be
asked to fix it, or it may be removed from the show.

7. The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum shall provide special
care at all times to borrowed artwork to ensure against damage, loss, and theft.
However, it is known that some materials used to create works of art are more
prone to loss or damage than others due to the inherent structural integrity of the
medium and its application by the artist.

If borrowed artwork is subject to minor damage or minor loss of medium while it
is displayed or stored at the NMFRHM, it shall be understood that:

         1. The lender/artist will be called upon to make repairs to the artwork,or 
         2. The lender/artist will give permission to the NMFRHM to make those repairs. 
         3. It shall be understood by the lender/artist that the NMFRHM will pay for minor 
             repairs to the artwork rather than its full retail value.
         4. If the loss or damage to the artwork is extensive and so severe that it cannot be repaired
             satisfactorily by the lender/artist or the NMFRHM, the NMFRHM maximum liability will
             be based upon the agreed value of the artwork as stated on In-Loan documents and agreements. 

8. The Museum will provide space and tables for the opening reception. For
receptions featuring a single artist, the Museum can provide cookies and punch
for the opening reception or the artist can contract with the Museum's caterer to
provide refreshments. Art groups and their members are responsible to provide
food and nonalcoholic beverages for the opening reception. All food brought into
must be pre-packaged and prepared on-site. Art groups also have the option to
contract with the Museum's caterer to provide refreshments for the reception.

9. The Museum will collect a donation of 30% of the purchase price for each
piece of artwork sold. This money goes to the Museum's collection fund, which
allows for the purchase of artifacts for collections or for use by the Exhibits
Department to create exhibits.

10. THE MUSEUM CANNOT ACT AS A BROKER. All inquiries about the
purchase of artwork will be directed to the artist(s). When artwork is sold, the
Museum will be informed by the artist or art group in order to mark and indicate
the artwork as being sold through the duration of the exhibit. When the exhibit
closes, the Museum will expect a 30% donation from the artist(s) prior to the
return of artwork to artists. Artwork that has sold may be picked up at the
Museum by either the artist or the purchaser after the donation has been
given to the Museum. Artists are responsible for shipping purchased artwork to
purchasers Who cannot pick up at the Museum.

11. Artists are solely responsible managing their artwork sales and for payment
of state and federal taxes.

12. The Museum will work with you in every way possible. We want to give you

the best exhibit possible with results that are well worth your time and effort.


1. There will be a donation of 30% of the sale price of each piece of artwork in
the exhibit that is sold.

2. Some artists will offer for sale prints, posters, books and other derived
materials at the opening reception of the artwork that is being exhibited or of
other work. There will be a donation of 30% of the sale price of each print sold.

3. The Museum will provide the means for perspective buyers to contact the artist
about making a purchase. This might include:

    a. A location for business cards or informational cards.

    b.Providing a table or stand integrated into the exhibit where a notebook
       will be located that contains contact information and prices of art work.

    c. Providing information to interested buyers who ask at front desk or call
        the Museum.

4. The Museum CANNOT take money. checks or other form of payment from a
perspective buyer. All money for artwork purchases will be taken by the art group
representative, or by the individual artist.

5. When a piece of artwork is sold, the artist or art group representative MUST
INFORM the Museum of the sale and provide the buyer's name and contact
information, so that the artwork may be marked as sold.

6. When the exhibit closes, the artist will write a donation check to the Friends
of the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum for the amount due. All
funds collected from donations go to the Museum's collections fund, which
purchases artifacts and conservation materials for the Museum collections or
items and materials for exhibits.

7. After the exhibit closes, artists will be contacted and an artwork pick up date
will be arranged. Artists are responsible for giving instructions to Museum staff
regarding the pick up of artwork that's been purchased. Purchased artwork may
be picked up from the Museum by either the artist or the purchaser after the
donation is given to the Museum. Artists are also responsible for shipping
purchased artwork to non-local buyers.

Mesilla Valley Weavers,
May 13, 2019, 10:52 PM
Mesilla Valley Weavers,
May 13, 2019, 10:53 PM