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Updated as of 10/05/2019

Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom with 16" reed. 4 shaft loom comes with levers on right. The selection of the harnesses is easy because the levers tabs are in different colors.  Includes 2 boat shuttles.  $200.

For additional information, call Christine at 575-635-5903.

Brand new Macomber  24" loom portable loom.

8 harness, comes with 3 reeds 10, 12 and 15 dent. Has storage box and sectional beam. Warped up and ready to try. $1800.  Dolores Ward, 575-524-9455.

Crisp Ruthie Tapestry Loom.

45" wide weaving width. Comes with an 8 dent reed that's 40 inches wide.  This loom is approximately 6 feet high by 6 feet wide and four feet deep in use, maybe 36" deep when idle. Maple. The counterweight for the beater has been replaced (original one warped, will be delivered with the loom). Heddles replaced with Texsolv heddles several years ago. Currently warped and ready to try out. Delivery, setup, instruction and/or warping help can be arranged as needed. $800.  Contact

Cranbrook Countermarche Loom
48 Inch wide. 8 Harness, 12 Treadles Texlov heddles and cords worm gear
treadle gates, rear bench for threading, front shelf, sectional 1" beam or regular beam with cloth with lease sticks and separator sticks. Large Spool Rack, Sectional Tension Box, Weighted Overhead Beater Bench.
$3000, pick up only.
Contact: Lynnae McConaha 575-740-7529 or Mimbres, New Mexico