***This years classes & prizes!!****
Family Fun = 13&under - 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes for family fun events and locations!
Individual Fun = 14&up - drawing for a $200 Gander Mountain gift card!!

  My name is Samantha Stoneham and almost eight years ago my brother, Shawn Stoneham, died of leukemia at age ten. Through out his illness many great organizations, along with Rosewell Park, helped my brother and our family continue our life as normally as possible. When a person is in this situation it really changes that person's life and makes them want to give back to the people who have helped them through their hard times. That is exactly what I hope to do.

    Shawn enjoyed many activities that most young boys love to do. He liked playing sports, riding his four wheeler, and of course, fishing. That is why I am holding our fourth annual fishing derby on June 9th!

    Shawn was my younger brother, by two years. Most would figure that the younger would learn from the older. This most definitely was not the case! Shawn taught so many people what the meaning of life was. A smile on your face no matter how tough things got, and giving to those you care about. One of my most vivid memories of Shawn's selflessness was around one of our birthdays. Shawn and I both had our birthdays in April, only a few days apart. His was on the 11th, and mine the 7th. One year in particular, Shawn would be spending our birthdays in the hospital and we would not be able to have our normal celebration. After Shawn had found out he would be staying in the hospital Make-A-Wish came and told him he would be granted one wish, to go to any where he would like. Shawn chose Florida. Later that day I received a call from him, Shawn wanted to let me know he had gotten the trip for me, and wanted it to be my birthday present!
    This story is why I have decided to hold a yearly fishing derby in his memory. Shawn knew nothing more than the gift of giving, and that is why I want to give all I can give to the organizations that have helped him and my family through our most trying time. This is not possible with out you, a member of our community!
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