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Welcome to Mellie’s Muse, the home of Jareth and Viviane, Michael and Krista, Damiano and Karianna, and all the characters to follow.  Some of them are lovable, some delightful, and a few you’ll just love to hate!

This site will give you a peek at some of my work, some that is completed and awaiting publication, and some that is still in progress.  Please feel free to comment, though I’ll make no promises about taking advice! 

Relax, grab a cup of something delightful and browse the previews and pictures you find here.

Above all, enjoy!


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 Jareth: First Lord,  Esperance Book 1
Fantasy romance on a distant highland world. Meet Jareth, First Lord and the lady who stole his heart--Viviane.

Viviane, First Lady--Esperance Book 2
The story continues...

Gambler's Folly

Paranormal Fantasy Romance on a pleasure world where the games are dangerous and the stakes are high.

She went on vacation with her husband, who lost her on a turn of the cards. Now she must learn to navigate the perils of this new world.