Recent works

               Parallel Worlds(Canvas, acrylic 48x72in)2018

              The Elephant Rider (Canvas, acrylic 36x36in)2018

Money or faith (Canvas, acrylic 30x40in)2013

Octopus in love (Canvas, acrylic 40x30in)2013

Miniature (Canvas, acrylic 36x36 in) 2014

Reflection (Canvas, acrylic 40x60in) 2012

The Fight (Canvas, acrylic 30x40 in) 2012

Phoenix (Canvas, acrylic 30x40 in) 2012

                  Chameleon (Canvas, acrylic 30x40in)2017

                   Treasure (Canvas, acrylic 20x20in)2019

Lightening (Batik 27x20in)2014

Fly away with me (Canvas, acrylic 40x30in)2013

Sarian's memory (Batik 20x24 in)2012

Hard and easy to find a strength
(Canvas, acrylic 40x60in)2013

Welcome (Canvas, acrylic 30x40 in) 2012

The Visit (Canvas, acrylic 30x40 in) 2012