President's Message

An Inaugural Message From New President of 
the Metro Edmonton Japanese Community School

Thank you very much for electing me as the new president of the Metro Edmonton Japanese
Community School. I have been a member of the school for over 10 years. My family has also
been associated with the school as students, volunteers, and teachers. Since 2010 I have served
as a chair of the Japanese Community School’s spring sport’s day, an experience through which
I have had many opportunities to learn of the strong motivation and work ethic of the board
members. I hope to someday be able to repay them for all their hard work. It is my honor to
serve as the president, and I sincerely accept this offer.

Presently, issues of ethnic and racial conflicts are among the most important themes in the
world. Especially in Canada, where the constitution emphasizes the importance of
multiculturalism. I feel honored that, as a long-term permanent resident, there is a place in
Canadian society where we can learn Japanese culture and language. I also think that it is very
important for us to show clear evidence that there are many benefits to having multicultural
experiences for children, parents, and our Canadian community. I believe that this fights against
the narrow-minded, ethnocentric ideologies that have been seen across the globe.

This year is the 40th anniversary of our school. It is important to respect the history of our
school, and our alumni’s continuous efforts devoted to improving our association. At the same
time, I think it is important for us to accommodate changes in recent members’ attitudes and
expectations, and to renovate the structure of our school. The number of members has grown
over the past several years, and expectations have become much more varied and complex. In
order to address these expectations, I think it is crucial for the board to provide members with
transparent information about the board’s administration and decision procedures.

With these two objectives for our board administration in mind, I will do my best during this
two-year term. I am looking forward to working with new board members, teachers, and all
members of the Metro Edmonton Japanese Community School.

Best wishes,

President of the Metro Edmonton Japanese Community School
Takahiko Masuda, PhD.