Membership in The Association of Metro Edmonton Japanese Community School (MEJCS) is open to anyone who is willing to participate and contribute to the betterment of the school.

New Members

MEJCS accepts new members to the school at the beginning of April or the beginning of September to limit disruptions to students and teachers.

Exceptions may be granted to students transferring from another formal Japanese language school and have been recommended by the MEJCS principal, following a student evaluation. The board will make the final determination.

Application forms must be submitted one month prior to joining the school.

Application Process (all members)

  • Complete on-line registration Online Application Form

  • Complete and sign Membership Application form (See form below)

  • Complete fee Fee Payment Schedule form (See form below)

  • Submit paper forms with postdated cheques to office worker.

Application deadline for returning members is March 13, 2020. Deadline for new members is first day of new school year, April 3, 2020. Please register online prior to submitting paper forms. Failure to register on time will result in late fee.