Welcome to my webpage! I'm a Transport Economist at the World Bank in Washington DC. I was a Researcher at vti, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. I got my PhD (2013) in Transport Economics from the Technical University of Denmark. I was also a visiting PhD student at the Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds. Previously, I worked as a junior researcher at the VU University of Amsterdam, Spatial Economics Dept. and as an air transport expert at the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority. I live in Washington DC with my wife Eyerusalem Siba and lovely daughter Debi.
 Peer-reviewed publications 
[1] "Effects of Air Transport Market Liberalization in the East African Community", Abate, M. : Kincaid, I. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy (forthcoming).

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Policy papers

[1] "Economic Effects of EU's External Aviation Policy" (2017) (with Christidis Panayotis, EU Commission Joint Research Center - Scientific and Technical Research Reports) 

Working Papers

[1] "Joint econometric models of freight transport chain and shipment size choice" (Abate, M.; Vierth, I.; de Jong,G.) Scandinavia Working Papers in Economics S-WoPEc (2014:9) 

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[1] "Strategies for Regulation of Air Cargo in Ethiopia" Abate, M. (2007)  Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Policy Papers"