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Opportunity to win $20,000 for National ME/FM Action Network

We have an opportunity to win up to $20,000 in an online contest. You can help us win.
Just click this link
Click on N- NATIONAL ME/FM ACTION NETWORK and press vote. It will prompt you to enter your email address and some characters.

Please vote DAILY from Feb 26 to March 29th or as many days as you can.

Our National Canadian Association does Excellent work for ALL with ME CFS FM MCS Lyme and affiliated diseases-
This contest--winning the funds and the Awareness for ALL of us EVERYWHERE will be a huge help-
in more Awareness, Education, Training, Research, Treatment, Advocacy etc
PLEASE VOTE, and POST, SHARE etc to get more to vote also
Please VOTE DAILY till Mar 29
Invite Friends, Family, Post on your Wall
Every Vote counts!! Please help to get into FIRST place

1st Prize: A $20,000 CDN Donation
2nd Prize: A $10,000 CDN Donation
3rd Prize: A $5,000 CDN Donation

Additional Prize: All other charities will be entered into a random draw to win a $5,000 donation. Three winning charities will be awarded this prize.


There is a facebook event with more information and reminders to vote -

ME Awareness: Words and Pictures designed some amazing promotional photos for use online and some posters which can be printed out and distributed at doctor's offices, libraries, hospitals, natural food stores and other places.

 The posters are PDF files
There are two posters:
  • Poster 1 - has tear-away strips with instructions for how to vote
  • Poster 2- has a description of ME and FM and asks you to take a leaflet home with instructions how to vote
  • leaflets go with poster 2 and give instructions for how to vote - there are four leaflets per page and can be cut up for people to bring home
Posters can be printed in colour or in black and white
They are letter size (8.5x11)

We have separately both English and French posters and leaflets

Tips for distributing posters:
  • have tear-strips and leaflets cut before distributing them - at library, hospital, etc.
  • bring pins, thumb tacks, stapler with you in case you need them to attach to bulletin board
  • don't forget to ask permission

Instructions for downloading posters and leaflets:

  1. The posters are available to download as a PDF file at bottom of page
  2. Download/save the poster PDF file to your computer by clicking the down arrow: 
  3. Print the poster! 
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