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The Special People of our Gemellaggio

From its very beginning, the connection between Medford and Alba has been about people. We have chronicled many of the important milestones along the path the two cities have traveled together. Now we would like to focus on the very special people who made those events possible. Fittingly our first profile will feature Alba’s first ambassador to Medford, Pino Dutto. Not only was Pino the pioneer visitor from Alba to the Rogue Valley but he has been one of Medford’s greatest friends and one of the strongest advocates and supporters of the sister city program for more than a half century. Our second profile is of Enrico Demaria, Alba's second ambassador to Medford who did so much to bring us together before his untimely death in 1980, a month before his 42nd birthday. In 2013 we will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Enrico's first arrival in Medford. Our third profile is of Gianni and Pina Toppino who have done so much for Alba, Medford and the gemellaggio. They will always be Alba's "First Couple". A study of the people who were key to the gemellagio would not be complete without Alba's "Renaissance Man" Enzo Agnelli. The profile of former Medford Mayor John Snider says much about how Alba and Medford became the great friends they are today.

Pino Dutto

Enrico Demaria

Gianni and Pina Toppino

Enzo Agnelli

John Snider