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Mayor Maurizio Marello's Letter on the Twenty-Three days of the Free Republic of Alba

posted Nov 23, 2012, 9:44 AM by Doug Snider   [ updated Nov 23, 2012, 10:00 AM ]
Our friends in Alba have endured the same economic crisis from which we are emerging. They are fortunate to have the heroic example of their recent past to inspire them to overcome hardship.  This year they mark the 68th anniversary of the Free Republic of Alba, historic days of defiance when Alba’s young partisans stood up to their Nazi occupiers and fascist oppressors. They also celebrate the life of Beppe Fenoglio, the partisan who went on to become one of Italy’s greatest novelists and a chronicler of the Resistance. They are very fortunate to have a leader like Mayor Marello who calls on Alba’s history as he deals with a myriad of problems with the same determination that led Alba to its freedom almost seventy years ago. His thoughts are especially timely as Italy begins its electoral cycle.

"Saved by the Constitution.

These are the weeks when we commemorate the partisan Resistance of Alba, from its highest moment and that is the 23 days of freedom made famous by the story of Beppe Fenoglio, the anticipation of definitive liberation from fascism that would eventually be captured in April 1945. In September of last year, with the reading of “The Twenty-three Days of the City of Alba” we opened the year of Fenoglio, the period during which Alba will celebrate its great writer at ninety years from his birth and at fifty years since his death.

We are discouraged, if not lost, at a time of our history not only affected by the economic crisis that shows no sign of ending, but especially affected by the crisis of values that appears day after day to cancel certain references to the past. Politics, economics and finance seem to feel more "against the man" and not "for the man."

We need, then, to find that passion and that civic jolt that animated our partisans, young people, our people between 1943 and 1945 that returned freedom and democracy to the country and lost dignity to its citizens. If they were able to succeed in a crisis far more serious, we can also do it today.

But no one will save us nor will we save ourselves.

Only the Constitution and Policy will save us.

The Constitution, ripe fruit of the Resistance, with its high values of freedom and solidarity.

The policy, which must recapture the spirit of the founding fathers, their ability to make a synthesis of positions and different cultures in the interest of the country and citizens. A new and beautiful policy. Nobody can give it: we must build it, all of us, together, starting from the bottom, changing ourselves first of all.

Ethical rigor, the quest for justice, the values of brotherhood and peace shall not be suspended in times of crisis, but they are the main way to get out of it without losing on the road to freedom and democracy that the partisans gave us a great price "

Mayor Maurizio Marello”