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Alba Plans for Telstar Anniversary Celebration

posted Jun 7, 2012, 7:39 AM by Doug Snider   [ updated Jun 8, 2012, 8:05 AM ]
On Tuesday, June 5, Alba’s Medford Sister City Committee met in the Alba city hall. At the meeting, plans were made for the observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the historic Telstar satellite phone conversation between the mayors of Alba and Medford on July 26, 1962. The July 26 observance will include a ceremony at 6:00 PM in the council chambers with Mayor Maurizio Marello presiding. Participants will include Councilman Olindo Cervella, the U.S. Consul Annamaria Saiano and Alba’s Medford Sister City Committee chairman Giorgio Sordo. Italian national press will cover the event and an Italian space scientist will discuss the science of the event that changed how the world communicates. A dinner of celebration will follow.

Very fittingly, Giorgio Sordo’s guest for the meeting was Sean Snider, grandson of Medford’s Mayor John Snider who was on the Medford end of historic event. Sean has been in Alba since the beginning of February teaching English, physics and mathematics at two local high schools

From left to right: Gianni Toppino, Pino Dutto , Anna Agnelli, Laura Casorzo, Renata Ceste, Sean Snider, Giorgio Sordo, Enrica Masante and Biancarosa Demaria