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Medford, Oregon - Alba, Italy Sister Cities" Our hope is to help create new friendships and re-connect old ones. We are always amazed at unexpected connections we discover with friends in Medford and Alba. With this group we can share news and information about our two sister cities and coordinate projects that will bring us all closer together. Join us and invite your friends.

Why I Dream of Being Italian


I never thought I would be rooting for Ohio State in any sport. That may have to change, at least for basketball. The Buckeyes’ lone commit for the Class of 2012 is 6'-5" shooting guard Amedeo Della Valle from Alba. Della Valle was born in Alba in 1993. By the age of fourteen, the Alba native was well on his way along a path that could lead to the NBA. He moved to Casale Monferato so he could play with Bank of Piemonte U-15 team. At the age of eighteen, he relocated to Henderson, Nevada and enrolled in Findlay Prep where, in his senior year, he led his team to the 2012 ESPN National High School Invitational Championship. On April 21 he became the first commit of the 2012 OSU recruiting class. Della Valle had scholarship offers from Michigan, Texas A & M, Arizona and Gonzaga. Go Buckeyes! (I don't believe I actually said that)

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Update: In the game against Missouri, Kansas City, Amedeo Della Valle scored the first points of his college career, connecting on a 3-pointer with one minute and 34 seconds remaining in the first half.
Updated Link March Madness Interview
After Ohio State's disappointing early exit from the NCAA tournament, Amedeo announced his decision to leave the university and pursue a pro career back home in Italy. His goal is still the NBA and he sees his success at Reggio Calabria as the key to that dream.


What does it mean to have a sister city? The number of possible answers is unlimited since every sister city program is unique and every participant brings their own level of commitment and connection. Like most things in life, what you get out of a sister city relationship depends upon what you put into it.

In English there is no good word for the relationship between sister cities. The Italian language has a beautiful word, “gemellaggio” that sounds so much more elegant than the clumsy English equivalent “twinning”. Let’s make gemellaggio our Italian word for the day and use it liberally.

Medford’s gemellaggio with Alba, Italy has long been a model of what the pairing of cities in other countries can and should be. When Medford Mayor John Snider selected Alba as Medford’s sister city in 1960, he based his decision on factors that would foster a connection between the people of the two cities as well as their city governments and institutions.

For over fifty-two years the people of Alba and Medford have been meeting and forging very special and enduring friendships. Those friendships are like ripples on a pond, spreading to other families and individuals. These close personal ties have spread to other cities and regions in Italy. Those friendships have by now spanned several generations and are part of a rich legacy that future generations will inherit and treasure.

While it is possible to enjoy our gemellaggio without traveling, it is the experience of setting foot in one’s sister city that brings home the reality of how connected we are. Few who have been to Alba would not say that it is a magical place. Being a sister citizen of Alba makes the experience even more exciting and fulfilling. Although Alba has several European sister cities, it is hard not to feel that the bond between Medford and Alba is unique and special. The kindness and hospitality afforded visitors from Medford is beyond cordial. From shopkeepers to the mayor himself, the people of Alba are welcoming and hospitable in ways that we can only try to reciprocate but never quite match.

Alba is a very open city and the Albesi welcome their Medford counterparts to partake in all the rich culture and history of which they are so proud. Alba has become a destination for travelers from all parts of the world. Tour buses are an everyday sight bringing tourists to enjoy the food, wine and culture of Alba. What the ordinary tourists miss is the opportunity to sit at the family table with dear friends and enjoy special friendships that are an integral part our of being sister cities.

A major part of enjoying a sister city relationship is learning about the history, culture and people of one’s sister city. Alba’s history dates back to neolithic times and spans every era of European history. Getting to know Alba really means learning European history and seeing its impact on the lives of modern Albesi.

One of the greatest fringe benefits of our gemellaggio is learning to live like our friends in Alba. Most who visit Alba return with a great appreciation of their lifestyle. Alba is not only the center of a great food and wine industry, it is a city that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Alba was named a “Città Europea dello Sport” for the year 2013. This European award recognizes not only all of the great sporting events, facilities and venues to be found in Alba but the widespread participation of its citizens in active sports.

The people of Medford can enjoy their special connection with Alba just by turning out to greet our friends from Alba when they come to Medford. To get the most from our gemellaggio, there is no substitute for meeting the people of Alba in the “City of 100 Towers”

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    Posted Nov 23, 2012, 10:00 AM by Doug Snider
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  • A Journey Begins in Alba On January 30, 2012, Piercarlo Rovera, the head of Alba’s Liceo Scientifico Statale Leonardo Cocito and the Liceo Classico Statale Giuseppe Govone, greeted the newest recruit to his faculty ...
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  • A Singular Tribute  On Friday, October 1, 2010, the people of Alba, Italy joined a delegation from Medford in Alba’s Piazza Medford for a very special event.  Alba’s mayor, Maurizio Marello ...
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