Mrs. Whittemore, if you are reading this...

 by"Paula Carnes"

Just when we patients were hoping and praying
for a breakthrough in our disease, Lyme, CFS,
Fibromyalgia, maybe autism, we are being
sucked into infighting.

Make no mistake, infighting will kill you and all
your hopes of finding causes of these diseases.

I am reminded of the US Civil War where
600,000 soldiers died for what?

Every other nation on earth ended slavery without
a war, but the US had to kill each other.

In this case of WPI vs Mikovits there HAS TO

Mrs. Annette Whittemore, if you are reading this
please get legal arbitration between you and Dr.
Mikovits and get her out of jail.

You have already ruined a huge opportunity for
Mikovits to actively present the latest research
on retroviruses this weekend at the ME/CFS

Here is my summary of the events of the past few
weeks concerning the Whittemore Peterson
Institute and Dr. Judy Mikovits, the researcher
who discovered a new retrovirus in CFS

* Dr. Peterson leaves WPI for unknown reasons.

* Dr. Deckoff-Jones is fired as overseer of the
doctors listed to practice there.

* All the doctors on the new staff list at that time

* Dr. Mikovits is invited to participate in a panel
on ME/CFS with highly respected ME/CFS
doctors such as Dr. Enlander and others this
weekend. (She will not be there due to events
that have transpired in the last 48 hours.)

* Dr. Mikovits was fired for disrespecting
Annette, or so the rumor goes.

* WPI owns the research Mikovits has done, but
Mikovits protests that she needs to hold the
work details that were funded by the NIH so
that she can continue the work the NIH is
funding her to do.

* M. leaves for California and is called on the
phone and told by Annette Whittemore that she
is fired and cannot have the materials. M. goes
to her house and then on to California without
her materials.

WPI files a lawsuit against Mikovits accusing her
of taking research that she does not have rights

All the files are missing from WPI according to
WPI, but Mikovits states she does not have them
and a friend supports that.

Mikovits is then arrested and her home and the
friend's home up the street are searched. [I
assume this is for the research materials.]

Mickovits is charged with fleeing the state where
she has been accused of stealing the patented
research materials.

Mickovits is now in the Ventura county jail
without bail until her hearing on Tues, the 22nd of
One effect of this sudden arrest is that Mikovits
will not be present at the ME/CFS meeting this

Two staff members who worked with Mikovits
were missing for two days, one has since been
found. The other is still missing.

Here is the link to Hillary Johnson's blog (author
of "Osler's Web") She writes a summary of the
arrest details.

This is the address of the jail where Dr. Mikovits
has been placed without bail.

Todd Road Jail Facility
600 South Todd Road
Santa Paula, CA 93060
(805) 933-8501 Visiting Information
(805) 933-8533 Fax

Paula Carnes
Las Vegas, Nevada