This page contains a list of errors and clarifications regarding the contents of the book. If you find any errors or have any questions while reading the book, please do not hesitate to send us an email:


  • Page 2: Incomplete sentence around the "71 UML" line. It should read: "... Gartner & Forrester were reporting that more than 71% of all software development teams were using UML at some level...." [fixed in new edition]

    Chapter 2: MDSE Principles

    • Page 18: replace "wiout" with "without"  [fixed in new edition]

    Chapter 4: Model-Driven Architecture (MDA)

      • Viewpoint item: replace the final ";" with "." [fixed in new edition]

      Chapter 6: Modeling Languages at a Glance

      • Page 66: the label of the last box in the state diagram of Figure 6.7 should be "Completely Shipped", instead of "Partially Shipped". Some state transitions could be added to complete the diagram. [fixed in new edition]
      • Page 74:  Strictly speaking Figure 6.13 (a) is not a valid BPMN model (no pool, lanes containing a line enclosing the lane name). [fixed in new edition]

      Chapter 10: Managing Models

      • Page 153: Right-hand side multiplicity of the enrolsIn association should be 1 instead of 5.


      • Page 164: Reference [64] - replace "Programms" with "Programs" [fixed in new edition]