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1. Objective #1: Energy

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How are kinetic and potential energy connected?
a. I can summarize what energy is and give examples of energy.
b. I can categorize the different forms of energy as either potential or kinetic, and
        explain my reasoning.
c. I can calculate the kinetic energy of an object.
d. I can calculate the gravitational potential energy of an object.

Vocabulary: energy, work, kinetic energy, potential energy, gravitational potential energy, mechanical energy

Illinois Assessment Frameworks: 12.11.64

What do you already know about energy?

1. Look at the vocabulary words listed above.  In a blank Google Doc (which you put in your Physical Science folder and name appropriately!), write a sentence about each one that DOES NOT DEFINE IT.  Discuss your sentences with your team.

2. Read this page, using your Scrible toolbar to:

a) Highlight what each word means
b) Place a sticky note on the page summarizing what each word means at a level 4 (in your own words!)

3. Go back to your sentences and correct them to make them true at a level 4--WITHOUT DEFINING THE WORDS.  Focus instead on examples or applications of the word that come from your brain--not from the reading.  

4. Discuss what you fixed after reading with your team.

5. At the bottom of your Google Doc underneath your sentences, write a paragraph that uses ALL of words above and shows how they are ALL connected to each other.  Turn in the link to this document in Edmodo when you are told to do so.

6. Take the progress check in Juno when you're told to do so.

So, what is energy, anyway?

Check out the presentation below about Objectives #1a & 1b.  You'll need this Guided Note Sheet to fill out during the video; make sure you have it up in another tab AFTER making a copy of it and putting it in your Physical Science folder in Google Drive.

(Having trouble viewing the presentation?  Click here.)

Make sure you show Mrs. E your summary after you've watched the video.  Turn in the link to your note sheet to the correct assignment in Edmodo.  Then, do the activities below about Objective #1b.

How do we classify energy?  Objective #1b

1. Make a copy of this four-step summary sheet.  Put it in your Physical Science folder in Google Drive, making sure to rename it so you can easily search for it if you have to.

2. You will notice a hyperlink in the last three columns.  Click on each hyperlink to read the article you are to summarize.  Use your Scrible toolbar to highlight the IMPORTANT POINTS about each topic, and then summarize those important points in the appropriate column.

3. After you are done reading each article and summarizing the important points, write a beautifully constructed paragraph that synthesizes your important points together.  Submit the link to your document in Edmodo when you are told to do so.

4. Now, do these exercises as a team, discussing what everyone thinks the answers are and then putting your answers in a Google Doc:

Mrs. E will have the answers posted for you to check as you go along.  Keep track of what you're missing/not understanding.  In a blog post, write about what you're not getting and what you need to do to fix that.

5. Take the progress check in Juno to check and see where your understanding is on the I can statements.

Now let's do some math!  Yay math!

First, check out this Voicethread that shows you how to calculate kinetic energy:

Now, check out this VoiceThread that talks about calculating GPE:

Now take a look at how you did on the two calculation problems on the last progress check.  No matter which activities you do, show all work and make sure you have correct units on your final answers.  Put all of your work into one Google Doc. Do these activities in a team, finding someone who is doing the same activities as you are.

If you missed one or both of those problems, do the activities below.

Potential Energy Problems (Only do #s 1-8!)

If you didn't miss either of those questions, do the activities below.

No matter which of the above you're doing, badger Mrs. E for the answers when you are all finished.  Discuss why you got any wrong with your team.

When you are confident you understand how to calculate KE and GPE, take the progress check in Juno.  Then, go write a blog post that answers the big question:

How are potential and kinetic energy connected?

Make sure you use the answers to all of the I can statements in your answer!


Click on this sheet and scroll down to the second page (but the first page is full of kinetic and potential energy review goodness!).

SKIP THE FIRST ROW OF QUESTIONS.  Start with the second row, where you have to identify if the example is KE or PE.  Then, do all of the rest of the questions on this page.  When you get to the math problems, you MUST write out what each number given is (mass, velocity, etc.) before doing any math!

Check your answers on the board when you're done.