Iowa State Fair - 2013

Passengers all aboard ready to sail.

Sloop which trailed the Mayflower as we navigated down the "stream" during the Iowa State Fair Parade, Wednesday, August 7, 2013.                                                                      
Passengers just before parade started: Maureen Wilson, Dorothy Leach, Ruth Tucker; Standing: Pamela Manning; Front seated:    Linda Cassman-Randall, William Nichols.  Other participants not pictured:  David Leach and Kenneth Callison, Sr.

Linda Cassman-Randall and Elder William Brewster (William Nichols) who shared passages from the Geneva Bible as we rode along.
Person to the far right is David Leach who shared music on his fife for our enjoyment.            


And the darlings of the children along the parade route were the two live chickens who enjoyed the ride.