Katerina Mavrou

Contact email: K.Mavrou@euc.ac.cy


PhD in Education (Technology and Disability),  University of Birmingham (2007)
MEd in Special and Inclusive Education, University of Manchester (1999)
BA in Education (Primary Education), University of Cyprus (1998)
European Certificate in E-Learning Course Design and Teaching, Open University of Catalonia (Universita Oberta de Catalunya) (2013)
Certificate in Assistive Technology, CSUN (2006)

Academic Experience    

2010 – Today  Associate Professor, Inclusive Education and Assistive Technology
European University Cyprus, Department of Educational Sciences, Nicosia, Cyprus
 Spring 2013  Visiting Assistant Professor, Inclusive Education      
University of CyprusDepartment of Educational Sciences, Nicosia, Cyprus                                                                                                                     
 Fall 2011 Special Scientist
Cyprus University of Technology, Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, Limassol, Cyprus
 Spring 2011 Special Scientist,
University of Cyprus, Department of Educational Sciences, Nicosia, Cyprus
 2007 – 2010 Lecturer/Scientific Collaborator (Inclusive Education and Educational Technology),
European University CyprusDepartment of Educational Sciences, Nicosia, Cyprus
 2006 – 2007  Part-time Instructor
Cyprus College, Nicosia, Cyprus
 Spring 2002  Teacher Assistant (Assistantship)
Arizona State University, USA

Other Professional Experience

 2005 – 2010  Assistive Technology Coordinator 
Ministry of Education and Culture, Nicosia, Cyprus
 2003-2005 Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Ministry of Education and Culture, Nicosia, Cyprus
 2000-2005  Special Educational Needs Teacher
Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus
 1999-2000  Teacher of Public Elementary Schools Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus

Selected Publications

Refereed Journal and Conference Proceedings Articles

Meletiou-Mavrotheris, M., Carrilho, A.R., Charalambous, C., Mavrou, K. Christou, Ch. (2020). Teacher Training for ‘Augmented Reading’: The Living Book Approach and Initial Results. Education Sciences. 10(5), 144, https://doi.org/10.3390/educsci10050144 [link]

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Mavrou, K., Charalambous, E. & Michaelides, M. (2013). Graphic Symbols for All: Using symbols in developing the ability of questioning in young children. Journal of Assistive Technologies. 7(1), 22-34 [link] - Winner of the 2014 Highly Commended Paper Award

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Meletiou-Mavrotheris, M., Mavrou, K., and Paparistodemou, E. (Eds.) (2015). Integrating Touch-Enabled and Mobile Devices into Contemporary Mathematics Education. Hershey, PA: IGI Global [link]

Book Chapters and Encyclopedia entries

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Anaxagorou, G., Mavrou, K. and Lambrianou, I. (2012). H Technologia os ergaleio sta cheria tou apotelesmatikou Igeti scholikis monadas. [Technology as a tool in the hands of an effective school leader]. In M. Nicolaidou (Ed.) Ekpedeftiki Igesia, E, ke? Chartografontas to pedio tis Igesias stin Ekpedefsi: Apo ti Theoria, stin Erevna kai tin Praktiki [School Leadership. So what? Mapping the field of Leadership in Education: From Theory to Research and Practice] Athens: ION.

Funded and Other Research Projects (recent and indicative)

Editorial Boards

Technology and Disability, Associate Editor, Editorial board (2011-present, 2016-present associate editor)
Intervention in School and ClinicEditorial board: (2016-present)

Other Reviewing Activities

Annual European AAATE Conference (2011 - present)
Computers and Education (Journal), (2008 - present)
Social Science & Medicine (Journal), (2013 - present)
International Advisory Board, RehabTech Asia, 2013 (2012-2013)
Marie Curie IAPP programme VALUE AGEING Project (Scenarios Evaluation), Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship, Rome-Italy (May-June 2012)
iDecide - KA3 EU funded Project (Templates Evaluation, February 2017)

International and European Bodies and Associations

2018-2019President-Elect (Elected) of the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE)
2015–todayMember (nominated and invited) of the GATE Community: Initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) for defining priorities in Assistive Technology Products
2017–today:Member (nominated and invited) of the GREAT (Global Research, Innovation, and Education in Assistive Technology):  Initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) for defining the Global priority research agenda to further the aims GATE 
Other Memberships and Associations/Networks Representative

  • Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) - President & National Contact Person
  • Academic Network of European Disability experts (ANED) - Cyprus expert team coordinator
  • Association for Computer Machinery (Special Interest: Accessibility) (ACM – SIGACCESS)
  • European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) Joint Researchers Forum 
  • European Network for Technology Enhanced Learning in an Inclusive Society (ENTELIS): Steering Committee Member
  • European Assistive Technology Information Network (EASTIN) - National Contact
  • British Educational Research Association (BERA)
  • International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (Representative of Cyprus as an emerging country) (ISAAC)
  • Cyprus Pedagogical Association -Past Board Committee and currently coordinator of the Special Interest Group on Inclusive Education