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Int Math III

Homework Packet #9 Due 1/19 (30 points)
    -Solving Logarithmic Equations (2 stamps)
    -Solving Exponential Equations (using logs)
    -Logarithmic & Exponential Equations
    -Base e & Natural Logarithms
    -Unit 3B Quiz Review

Homework Packet #8 Due 1/5 (30 points)
    -Intro to Logarithms
    -Properties of Logarithms (2 stamps)
    -Rational Exponents Maze
    -"Why does a Moon-Rock taste better than an Earth-Rock?"
    -Unit 3A Quiz Review

Homework Packet #7 Due 12/8 (20 points)
    -Rules of Exponents Practice
    -Solving Exponential Equations
    -Exponent Rules - Coloring Extra Credit

Homework Packet #6 Due 11/17 (35 points)
    -Graphing Polynomials
    -Graphing Polynomials (Day 2)
    -Graphing Polynomials (Day 3)
    -"What animal has more lives than a cat?"
    -Unit 1 Test Review
    -Factoring Practice
    -Graphing Polynomials Practice

Homework Packet #5 Due 11/3 (30 points)
    -Solving (w/ sum & difference of cubes)
    -Polynomial Practice
    -Polynomials Test Review
    -The Leading Coefficient Test
    -Multiplicity & The Remainder Theorem
    -The IVT & Y-Intercept

Homework Packet #4 Due 10/20 (45 points)
    -Trinomials (a=1) & Grouping
    -Trinomials (a not equal to 1)
    -Factoring Polynomials Maze
    -Color By Numbers (division practice - coloring is extra credit)
    -The Zero Product Property
    -Simplifying Radicals Maze (2 stamps)
    -Solving & Rationalizing
    -Sum & Difference of Cubes

Homework Packet #3 Due 10/6 (25 points)
    -Dividing Polynomials (No Remainders)
    -Dividing Polynomials (Remainders)
    -Polynomials Quiz Review
    -Synthetic Division
    -GCD & Difference of Squares

Homework Packet #2 Due 9/22 (30 points)
    -Introduction to Series
    -Partial Sum Formulas
    -Unit 1 Test Review
    -Anatomy of Polynomials
    -Adding & Subtracting Polynomials
    -Multiplying Polynomials

Homework Packet #1 Due 9/8 (20 points)
    -Introduction to Sequences
    -Sequence Notation and Equations
    -Creating Sequences from Equations
    -Sequence Review