Event Rules & Scoring

Teams and Coaches:

Teams will be divided into two divisions based on grade level of team members. (24 teams maximum.) Team members must be from 7th to 10th grade. Each group needs at least one responsible adult designated as coach, and each additional team needs an assigned adult or high school senior. These team leaders have some responsibility monitioring other teams and assisting with competitions at the event.

Team Challenge: 30 points

All team members work on one multi-part problem, one calculator (TI-84) provided to each group.

Scoring: each team can score maximum points for the problem, scoring includes creativity points.

Individual test: 24 points

Team score is the average of the three middle scores (drop the high and the low) and the team score.

Scoring: The team score is a point for each problem that at least one member of the team got correct. No calculators.

Relay: 30 points, 5 rounds of relay

Five 5 minute rounds. Each team member has only their own problem. The first player solves their problem and passes back the answer sheet which has their numeric solution. That number is then used in the next problem, and so on. Passed team members can call for the answer sheet back. One TI-84 calculator will be provided to each team that is passed along with the answer sheet.

Scoring: 1 point for each correct answer on the answer sheet, one bonus point for a speedy finish.

Quiz Bowl: Maximum 12 points/round

Three rounds of quiz bowl. Each round has 16 questions asked in turns. If an answer is wrong the other team can steal. 4 lightning questions. No calculators. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker question will determine who goes on. Winners in one round play each other in the next.

Scoring: 1 point for each correct answer for the losing team, 12 points for the winning team.

Final Round:

Top two teams in total score (per division) will compete in the final Quiz Bowl, winner take all!