Welcome to your own maths tutor

Welcome to mathscasts.  This is a Maths revision website created by teachers at Uxbridge High School, London.  On this website you will find all the lessons you need to achieve a grade 'C' or above at GCSE maths.  We hope it will be like having your own free maths tutor.
You can also use the A-level Mathscasts pages for mathscasts videos and other resources for your A-level modules.
What is a mathscast?
A mathscast is a mini lesson recorded by a maths teacher on a really important topic.  The teacher shows you how to answer a couple of questions, with a recording explaining it all.  Then at the end there are some practice questions for you to try.  These do not have answers as we want you to take your work to school and get your teacher to check it.
All of the mathscasts are also on the 'Mathscasts YouTube channel'.
There are also some question banks on C grade and on A grade questions to get you started with your revision as well as some practice tests on key topics.
Happy revising
Mr. Wright