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        President - Alan Pham and Ivy Pham

Past Leaders

Tara Soudbakhsh         Tuong-Vi Nguyen         Kathy Tong         Jashandeep Chahal          Eileen Thai
Megan Luong          Ayessa Gomez          Andrew Hua         Christina Banh          Diana Huynh          Brianna Ngo
Tara SoudbakhshHi! My name is Tara Soudbakhsh and I am a senior at MHS. Aside from tutoring and helping lead MathEasy, I manage a program called "Play and Learn", where I and a team of volunteers set up toys at the Milpitas Library so that parents and their children can come in and play, strengthening the bonds between parent and child. MathEasy has given me so many opportunities to work on my interaction, teaching, and leadership skills. I have learned so much and met a lot of inspiring people in MathEasy. I look forward to seeing MathEasy grow and continue to prosper!
Kathy TongHello! I'm Kathy, a high school senior at IHS (c/o 2017 WOO). I'm a recent co-eader at MathEasy and started in the summer of 2016 but I have had previous leadership and tutoring experience. I've been an officer for 2 clubs, but I joined a lot more throughout my high school career so far. Before MathEasy, I was a tutor for Read Write Discover. I'm a friendly, open-minded and relaxed person so don't shy away if you ever want to personally come up to me and say, "Hello!" I look for ways to challenge myself while at the same time not going too far beyond my comfort zone. MathEasy has done especially that for me. I am grateful to be a part of the MathEasy leaders team!
Eileen ThaiHello everyone! My name is Eileen, and I am currently a junior at Piedmont Hills High School. I am beyond excited and honored to serve as a Lead Tutor for the Educational Park branch of Matheasy. I learned of this math program through my cousin and feel extreme gratitude towards her since this wonderful opportunity has allowed me to meet amazing peers as well as tutees; everyone always inspires me with their dedication and willingness to learn. I am incredibly grateful to have this chance to serve as a leader in my community, make connections with new people, as well as inspire the love for mathematics in others. On other days, you may find me volunteering for Key Club or at my local hospital, reading novels, or in line for milk tea! I look forward to meeting you all soon!
Andrew HuaHi, I am Andrew. I am a high school sophomore and an active member of our community. I enjoy playing badminton and enriching myself and others with education. :D
Brianna NgoHi! My name is Brianna Ngo. As of 2016, I am a highschool student at MHS. A sport, I enjoy doing is water polo and I am also on my school’s team! Some hobbies I enjoy doing is watching Korean dramas and anime along with a few TV shows on Netflix. I am a very strong leader and at the same time, laughable and comfortable to be around. I go to a eucharistic youth group called TNTT that goes camping now and then. I believe that this extracurricular activity added to my leadership trait.
At school, I am an active learner who doesn’t deal with stress well but can still somehow manage fine. I have many friends and we do lots together. I plan on going to college at University of the Pacific. The most challenging obstacle for me currently, dealing with the stress from family, school and friends.
A common theme I follow in life currently is ‘Smile, lead, and it’ll be a breeze” And as you can already tell, corny jokes are the key to my heart. And with that, I go on with positivity.
Diana Huynh Hi! My name is Diana Huynh!!! I am an energetic learner and I'm a leader in class! :D I enjoy all of my classes, but if I had to say I specialize in a class it would be English. With English, I find it easier to let my creative mind roam free and explore new terrains of education. A few of my goals in life is to better manage my time. I need to push myself harder in all of my subjects. I don't think I reached my limits yet. In the long run, I want to be a better person and be strong for my brothers so they can look up to me. I also want to be a better leader and strive for straight A's. In the future I plan on going to a UC which specializes in law, since I want to be a lawyer and help defend those who can’t defend themselves. My favorite time during the school day is well......ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!! I love it all the time because everyday is special and fun in it's own way.
So this is all about me!!! :D I hope you had a fun time reading this!
Christina Banh
Wendy Ly
Tuong-Vi Nguyen
Jashandeep Singh Chahal
Ayessa Gomez
Megan Luong