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This is a really fun and easy way to help out the students while also earning community service
They are mostly elementary school kids, and you can choose the grades you prefer to tutor. 


  • What: Community Service opportunity to tutor students (any grade you prefer from K-12) in math 
  • Who is eligible to volunteer: all college and high school students can join as tutors 
  • Where and When: Look for session times and locations on the Form Link on the home page

Tutor benefits

  • Earn community service hours
  • Recommendation Letter from the Library
  • Certificate from MUSD, Library, or SJ Mayor
  • Certificate from Assemblymember or Congressman if you accumulate a certain amount of MATHeasy hours

Tutor Application Process

    1. Fill out the form link on the front page of the website.
    2. After you apply, we will send you an email with more information, and set up an interview if needed. (If you are a former tutor, you do not need to be interviewed. If you are a new tutor, you might have a brief interview, but it is not necessary in most cases.)
    3. Then we will send you an email to verify if you are accepted to become a tutor.
    4. There will be a brief orientation to go over tutor duties and important information. The date for this will be notified via email and website. You can receive community service for attending the orientation

Tutor Responsibilities

  • Tutor Handbook: Please read the Tutor Handbook thoroughly in the pdf file below. 
  • A very important reminder: Please be aware, especially with kids, we tutors must always be patient, gentle, and respectful. We all will make this program successful.
  • Goal of the tutor: to help kids understand math and use strategies to tackle problems, rather than memorizing the formulas
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