History of MATHeasy
Spring 2013
  • MATHeasy was founded in 2013 by Alan Pham and Ivy Pham
  • Getting Started: We convinced the Milpitas and Educational Park Libraries to provide rooms for tutoring; school Principals to allow me to speak to classes; and Office Depot, Staples, and Walmart to donate/discount school supplies. We passed out flyers and contacted the media. The Mercury News declined, but Milpitas Post and Calitoday agreed to advertise MATHeasy for free. Viettoday broadcast, for free on Comcast cable, an advertisement about MATHeasy many times every day for many months. 
Summer 2013
  • Summer 2013: MATHeasy was supported by over 110 tutors who have helped over 170 students, from more than 20 schools, 
    at the Educational Park and Milpitas Libraries. 
    The number of students who wanted to enroll far exceeded the number of spots available, so we hope to be able to expand in the future to accommodate more students.
  • Tutor and Student Orientation: We explained the MATHeasy vision and giving tutors all information (including reporting student progress every session). At Milpitas Library, we pre-matched tutors and students, but it actually was inefficient when the student and tutor got together. So, at Educational Park, for each grade level, we asked for tutor volunteers.
  • Measure A: Measure A would continue a tax funding for Santa Clara County Libraries, including Milpitas Library. I wrote a letter to the editor of the Milpitas Post in support of Measure A: Link (Please see "Yes on A") and also helped distribute flyers to parents and students. In August, the measure passed!
Fall 2013
  • This fall, I expanded MATHeasy to Pomeroy Elementary (over 50 tutors), Russell Middle School, Sinnott Elementary, and Burnett Elementary. We am planning to expand to Tully Library and Randall Elementary, and am planning a MATHeasy Math Competition. We have built a structure and method for tutors to continue and expand this important community service in the future, as current students step up to become future tutors, in a pyramid model, helping more and more students.

Spring 2014

Summer 2014

    About the Logo

    The five people
     with the colors of blue, yellow, black, green, and red, against the white background (like the Olympic rings), represent the colors of every nation and the five (occupied) continents of the world. They are all
    holding hands (like the interlacing rings), cooperating to attain the ultimate, united goal of knowledge, symbolized by the apple - the fruit of knowledge. We have a diverse range of students, from various ethnic and social backgrounds and abilities. My vision is that MATHeasy could eventually expand globally.