masham snooker hall       

We are the Masham Snooker Club, based in the town of Masham in North Yorkshire.

We have been playing billiards and snooker in our rooms in Masham since 1871 and make the claim to be the oldest snooker club in England. There is a nice article in the Northern Echo which you can find hereWe are always open to new members and offer three full-size tables, the first of which arrived here on a horse and cart in 1871. We are also keen to promote our youth team and offer teaching with a world approved snooker coach for boys and girls to learn to play.

The tables are cleaned and re-clothed as required, and we recently updated the light fee boxes to digital. We also have a recreation room for darts and dominoes, and this room can also be used by other clubs for meetings if required, just look at our contact page for details.

With an excellent line in social banter and relaxed atmosphere we seek to offer a range of facilities to help you learn and improve at snooker. 

We intend to improve the content of this website over time to include club news, events and images. 

" Why not get in touch to arrange a viewing of the club today and release the snooker player in you."