We are the Masham Snooker Club, based in the town of Masham in North Yorkshire.

We have been playing billiards and snooker in our rooms in Masham since 1871, and believe ourselves to be the oldest established snooker club in England. There is a nice article in the Northern Echo which you can find here

We offer three full-size tables, the first of which arrived here, delivered on a horse and cart. There is also a bar-room and social area for darts and dominoes.

We are keen to develop our youth team and are looking for any parents that want to bring their children to the club to learn to play. We have a coach and he can offer a structured set of approved courses to help develop youngsters.

We welcome anyone who wishes to play, Men and Women alike, so do not hold back, get started playing this great game today.

" Why not get in touch to arrange a viewing of the club today and release the snooker player in you."

The club in play with our new overhead lights, courtesy of the Harrogate Council Grant Scheme. We are deeply grateful for the grant which has helped to modernise the clubs interior.

Currently we charge £30.00 for adults, £20 for 16-18, £10 for under 16's, for a full years membership. We have a fee for guests of £3.00 and they must be signed in by a member. We offer concessionary rates for family groups, please contact me for details. When you play, we have lightbox meters and make a charge for the lights of £1.20 every half an hour.