Our Expertise

Our Open Group Connection

We are an Australian Enterprise Architecture and IT Architecture Consulting company established in Sydney, Australia since 2001.Our commitment to Enterprise Architecture started around 2002 with organising Open Group events in Sydney. Open Group being the global standards body for Enterprise Architecture and owner of the TOGAF ® Body Of Knowledge. These were early days and our Chief Architect got certified in  TOGAF 8® at around 2004. Several Consulting engagements followed with ASX listed companies in Financial Services and a Diversified Conglomerate in South Asia. Our Chief Architect started conducting  TOGAF 8® Training from 2008 for Architects in a global IT Service Provider company and a Fortune 10 Consumer Goods company. Around 2009, our Chief Architect was one of the first 1000 to get certified in TOGAF 9® . This was followed by more Public Training programs in TOGAF 9®  in Sydney, Canberra and NZ.

Our Growth as an Enterprise Architecture Consulting Company

In mid 2012, we partnered with iCMG International, world leading Enterprise Architecture Firm and started delivering TOGAF 9® Training in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, India and Japan. 

Today, we are one of the most experienced Enterprise Architecture Consulting companies in Australia with leadership in Training and Consulting with more than 70 courses delivered, 700 + Architects trained and many Consulting engagements completed. We continue to evolve with our current focus on Archimate® an emerging standard of the Open Group for Architecture Modelling.

Our contribution to the Architecture Profession and Architecture Body of Knowledge

Our passion in Enterprise Architecture has led us to become a Silver Member of The Open Group, the International Consortium that develops and promotes  Vendor and Technology neutral standards for the benefit of Customer organisations. Architecture Forum develops and maintains the TOGAF ®  standard. Since 2012, we have been active contributors to the ongoing improvements to  TOGAF® as part of several Open Group Projects. We have also helped in founding some key Chapters of the Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA), a sister organisation of the Open Group which benefits individual members.

We also started participating in Open Group Conferences at around this time. in 2010, our Chief Architect presented at the Boston Conference, followed by the Washington D.C Conference in 2012 and more recently the Sydney Conference in 2013. Currently he has a leadership role within the Architecture Forum as the Vice Chair of the Certification Standing Committee. 

http://www.opengroup.org                                                                                                                                                                                                                                http://www.globalaea.org