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      The story of Sir Lanval was very entertaining to read. I have always loved reading about King Arthur's court and other stories that center around a knight on an adventure. Lanval proved to not be like any other story I have read about a knight. Normally, the knight serves as a hyper-masculine character who saves the girl and runs headfirst into any fight without a second thought; Lanval is not a normal knight. In the story, Lanval was introduced by saying that "Arthur forgot him, and none of his men favored him either" which already goes against how a normal knight would have been described. Much later in the story, after he had betrayed his love by telling the King about her, rather than fight to prove himself innocent, Lanval sulks in shame. The other knights had to check on him often to make sure that he was eating and drinking because they thought he would kill himself. Overall he was very unknightly. The story ends with Lanval's love coming to save HIM instead of Lanval rescuing her.