Teacher Notes

                            Mardi Gras Royalty 
                                  Image Courtesy: Phillip Martin   

Title: Introduction to Mardi Gras WebQuest

Subject: Social Studies/History & Art

Class/Grade Level: 8th grade

Time Length: 2 weeks or 10 days (50 minutes per class)

Educational Standards (from the Louisiana Department of Education):  

1. Louisiana History - 8th Grade. Specifically, Standard H-1D-M6 (#81) states "explain cultural elements that have shaped Louisiana's heritage (e.g., festivals, music, dance, food, languages)  

2. Visual Arts - 8th Grade. Standard: Students develop creative expression through the application of knowledge, ideas, communication skills, organizational abilities, and imagination.

Modifying this WebQuest: For teachers of younger students, they can swap out the Mardi Gras float task with making and decorating a Mardi Gras mask. Additionally, elementary education teachers can allow students to read or examine children's books such as Mimi's First Mardi Gras by Alice Couvillion and Elizabeth Moore or Gaston Goes to Mardi Gras by James Rice. 

Reflection: Students who participate in this WebQuest will receive a deeper appreciation of their culture and history. Additionally, students will be able to express their creativity and ability to think out the box when completing the hands-on tasks. Finally, students will be able to share their knowledge with their family, friends and other classmates when Mardi Gras season comes around. 

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Bernie Dodge, Tom March, Steve Yuen, Arthur Hardy, Blaine Kern and Errol Laborde.