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Japanese resources designed to empower students
The textbook is often the only resource we give to students in advance, allowing them to access the total picture of what we expect them to learn about and learn to do, by the end of the course. This is often the only opportunity they have to direct their learning outside of our pedagogy time frame. As such, it is an important decision that we make as teachers. Yet until now, our choices have been relatively limited.
We began this project, when we realized that due to the internet, students no longer expect to learn in a linear fashion. Our students were frustrated when they could not unpack the textbook without our help. They wanted to skip ahead to focus on aspects of culture that interested them, grab phrases they wanted to use right then,  or read text with furigana support before they had fully mastered the scripts.
The Jblog series aims to appeal to a wider range of abilities and students interests, moving beyond the stereotypes, to a deeper exploration of the culture of Japan and its relationship with language usage.
JBlog 1 is aimed at Stage 4 (Year 7/8); Jblog 2 Year 9 and Jblog 3 Year 10. Each book is linked to a member's website that provides suggestions for the classroom including worksheets, videoclips, animated movies and activities. The content is also supported by Language Perfect.  
We understand it is hard to find the time to evaluate your resources and make changes to something new. Here is a light-hearted look at why it may be worth it for your school.

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