Remediation & Tutoring

Remediation Opportunities
  1. Useful Links -- Use this to find want links to other activities and webpages that you might find useful to review
  2. Quia shared activities -- Here you can do a search for our textbooks, or for topic specific activities for further review and learning
  3. Reading List -- This list provides extra reading opportunities for students who need extra practice or who want to get extra practice
  4. Tutoring -- Please see below for tutoring times. Tutoring for the National Latin Exam will begin in January and Tutoring for final exams will begin in November and April respectively

Magistra's Tutoring Schedule

I am available in the morning before school by appointment, during 4th period lunch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and after school on Mondays and Thursdays.

National Latin Honour Society Tutoring Schedule

Starting the week of 20 August 2012, we will offer tutoring through the National Latin Honour Society. National Latin Honour Society students are students who have made and maintained an average of 90% of better in Latin. Tutoring is available Mondays and Thursday after school and Tuesday and Thursday during 4th period. Sign up sheets are in Magistra's room.