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check out this list of all the books that I have in my classroom as well as books available to you elsewhere. I will try to include everything I can, but I am always open to other examples!
"Does it count?" refers to your reading log (due at the end of the semester). Some books count for specific levels. Others count for all levels and some count for no levels, but are still good opportunities to widen your knowledge.
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AuthorTitleDescriptionDoes it count?Website - IA
AuthorTitleDescriptionDoes it count?Website - IA
Laura Gibbs  Bestiaria Latin: Latin Via Fables  Short, easy to read fables in Latin Yes! for all levels! Latin Via Fables 
Dr. Seuss, Jennifer Morrish Tunberg and Terence Tunberg Cattus Petasatus The Cat in the Hat - in Latin! Yes! for all levels!  
Andrew C. Aronson and Robert Boughner Catullus and Horace Selections from their Lyric Poetry with introductions, questions, and dictionary Yes! for all levels!  
E. J. Barnes and John T. Ramsey Cicero and Sallust regarding Cataline with intro, questions, and dictionary Yes! for all levels!  
various Ephemeris An online newspaper in Latin Yes! for all levels! Ephemeris 
Victor Barocas and Brad Rhodes Fairy Tales in Latin The traditional fairy tales, retold in Latin Yes! for All levels!  
Oxford Press Latin Grammar A grammar book with guides, examples, etc. No  
Richard A. LaFleur Latin Poetry for the Beginning Student Poetry with Classical Themes Yes! Levels I and II  
Richard A. LaFleur Love and Transformation an Ovid Reader Yes! for all levels!  
Various Nuntii Latini An online new broadcase in Latin - there are transcripts for each session yes! for all levels! Nuntii Latini 
Miriam Patrick Octavianus Domum Emit a short story describing rooms of the house Yes! Level I - see me  
Homer and Stanley Lombardo Odyssey Full text in Poetry format - English Yes! Level I  
William S. Anderson and Mary Purnell Frederick Selections from Ovid's Metamorphoses Selections from Ovid's work with introductions, helpful questions, and a dictionary Yes! for all levels!  
Jane Harriman Hall and Alexander G. McKay Selections from Vergil's Aeneid Books I, IV, VI Yes! Levels I, II, and III  
Thomas E. Hayes The Adventures of the Monkey Philosus Naso Follows the adventures of the dancing monkey Yes! Levels I, II, and AP  
Perseus Project The Perseus Project an online database of literature and images for the Classics Yes! For all levels! *IF you read the Latin* The Perseus Project 
Frederic M. Wheelock and Richard A. LaFleur Wheelock's Latin Reader Selections from Latin Literature Yes! for all levels!  
A. A. Milne, Israel Walker and Alexander Lenard Winnie Ille Pu Winnie the Pooh, in Latin Yes! For all levels!  
Showing 18 items