Intervention Plan

This year, I will be implimenting a three step intervention plan for struggling students. I will be contacting parents via email/phone after I speak to students to discuss what we can do to help students out. Below you will find descriptions of the three steps as well as a links page with extra help.
Phase 1 Students who are at phase one are students who consistently struggle in class, miss class constantly, or are making poor grades on tests. They are either making up tests, but still struggling, or are not making up tests at all. I will pull students aside and give them a print out of grades/test grades. We will set up a meeting time to go over what areas they are struggling with and links/extra resources will be provided. I will strongly recommend that students take advantage of NLHS tutoring times.
Phase 2 Students who are at phase two are students who are still struggling after using the resources provided in phase one OR are students who, despite being provided opportunities and resources are not taking advantage of them. Parents will receive a detailed phone call and we will discuss the student's options. In this phase, in order to be able to re-take tests, students will be required to attend a NLHS tutoring session.
Phase 3 Students who are at phase three are students who, despite phase one and two measures, continue to struggle OR who are not showing up for tutoring. I will ask for a parent teacher conference to discuss how best to help the student.