For Teachers

Here you will find things that I have created for workshops and presentations. I am providing them for you to download and use. I simply ask that you do not republish them without asking permission.

Please feel free to check out my teaching blog where I and Rachel Ash share ideas and plans from our own classrooms!

People and Places that inspire me
Below are listed links to my lists for teachers. Each link is something that I've drawn inspiration from or find compelling when putting together lessons. 

1. Foreign Language Association of Georgia/Southern Conference on Language Teaching 2012 - "Cultus Civilis et Lingua Latina Dicendo" - On teaching Culture in the Target Language

2. Refining Language Content and Assessment 2012 - "Pomegranate Beginnings and Personal Learning Networks" - On creating your own personal learning network and making social media work for you

3. Foreign Language Association of Georgia 2013 - "Creating a Differentiated Classroom Without the Headache" - On simple, easy, daily differentiation in any classroom