Comp Sci 3-4H

Welcome to Computer Science 3-4H and AP Computer Science Principles. This course is for students who have some programming experience, such as completing Computer Science 2H, or has teacher approval.You will learn to problem-solve and program using the Python programming language, which is one of the most popular programming languages being used at this time. You will learn important and valuable programming concepts, like program design (algorithms and flowcharts), using variables of different data types, and various control structures like if, while and for. You will learn about object-oriented programming and create classes. You will also apply your programming skills by creating games and programming a robot. You will practice a valuable career skill by working in teams.

Course Outline

 First Semester     Second Semester
 Unit 1: Chapter 1
 Unit 1: Chapter 2
 Unit 2: Chapter 1
 Unit 2: Chapter 2
 Chapter 5
 Game Project

Course Expectations:
For each chapter, you will complete the following:
  1. Cornell Notes on all lectures and reading
  2. Programming assignments
  3. Written assignments
  4. Chapter project
Python for Everyone by Cay Horstmann and Rance D. Necaise
A classroom set of textbooks is available to students

Optional Classroom Materials:
Headphones to use in class for listening to video lectures (not for music or entertainment)
A flash drive for saving your work
A laptop or home computer

Python Resources:

Contact Information:
Room 204

About the Course:

Comp Sci 3-4 Overview

Classroom Procedures:

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