This is an introductory course on basic Real Analysis. 

The main book we will be following is "Introduction to 
Real Analysis" (fourth edition), by R.Bartle and D.Sherbert. 
The book is available at a reasonable price on Flipkart; 
I recommend those who are registered for the course 
to purchase it. 

Your grades will be based on regular homework assignments and quizzes (30%),  one mid 
term (30%) and one final exam (40%).  

                 Late Homework will NOT be accepted! 

You are all encouraged to ask questions and ask me any doubts during class or drop 
by my office. My office is 203, Mathematics Building.  You can also email me at 


Some notes I have made, summarizing what we cover in class  (last updated on 26th April, 2019).  

Mid Term Exam 
Mid term Exam.                                                

Final Exam 
Final Exam.